Wouter graduated in Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and as a graphic designer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, although at that time he was busier trying to make it as a Rock Star, in which he, apparently, didn’t succeed.

As an artist/designer he created motion graphic leaders for film festivals and music videos for befriended musicians. This work got him international acclaim. His promo for Dutch band Coparck even made it to one of the best promos worldwide in 2007. According to Spin Magazine (US):“It does in four minutes what most movies can’t do in 90”.

In 2008 Wouter was featured in ‘Shots magazine’, as ‘New Director’ and launched his commercial career at CZAR and later on at BONKERS. His work evolved into visually strong and personal films, always searching for humanity and beauty in the scripts he gets, while never loosing touch with his conceptual background.

He loves to work together in making scripts and stories communicate better and believes that what we don’t know is way more interesting than what we do know.

Wouter still passionately directs commercials and music videos, but has also started working on short films and longer formats. His second short ‘A day off’ was nominated on various internal short film festivals for best short.

In commercials Wouter has worked for clients such as Vodafone, Ikea, Peugeot, Toyota, NUON/ Vattenfall, ING Bank, Tele2, Eneco, Essent, BINCK Bank, LU, Ben, Megafon and FNV.

Wouter works and lives together with his longtime girlfriend and 3 kids on a island in Amsterdam where they built their own house.