KIM JANSSEN – Gouldians

Official music video for, 'Gouldians', by Kim Janssen. - a single moment seen from different angles - Credits Director: Wouter Stoter Director of Photography: Nanko Goeting Executive Producer: Signum / Sander Heeroma Producer: Marielle Baggerman Art Director: Elsje de Bruijn Line Producer: Orange Valley, Spain Producer: Khalil Al Harbiti Editor: Teun Rietveld Colorist: Stephan Danser [...]

DE STAAT – KittyKitty It's DE STAAT vs. DE STAAT Red versus blue, with frontman Torre Florim rallying his bandmates against, well, themselves. Armed with a piercing gaze and a deranged grin, Florim lyrically only has one target in mind though: a certain Donald Trump. * WINNER BEST INTERNATIONAL ROCK VIDEO // UKMVA 2019 * Cheers to Directors [...]

Coparck – A good year for the Robots

COPARCK - A GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROBOTS A short film/ music video about Alex, who thinks he's a robot and wants to become human. Unfortunately not all of his colleagues see the advantages. Director: Wouter Stoter co-Director: Daniel Bruce Director of Photography: Bart Beekman Editor: Teun Rietveld & Wouter Stoter Grading: Wouter Stoter Production: [...]

I am Oak – Palpable

I AM OAK - Palpable It started with a reference of Caspar David Friedrich and a song about losing control and trusting your intuition. Director: Wouter Stoter Director of Photography: Adam Fillenz Producer: Bregje Houthoff Line Producer: COMRADfilm Slovenia Post Production: STORM Colorist: Bart Verraest Funded by TAX VIDEO CLIP FONDS

KLERKXS – She Said

KLERKXS - SHE SAID We shot about 40 private concerts in Glasgow, Scotland. Director: Wouter Stoter Director of Photography: Martijn van Broekhuizen Editor: Ben Putland Colorist: Laurens Orij @ Crabsalad Production Company: CZAR Funded by TAX VIDEO CLIP FONDS